About Us

Mortgages are by design complex. Most of the complexity is designed to protect consumers and ensure they are entering into a financial agreement that makes sense for them, is not predatory and is transparent in terms of the cost of borrowing. The mortgage process requires customers, loan officers and processing staff to invest a fair amount of time and energy to get to the closing table and that is true no matter where you shop. At Hello Mortgage we have set out to make it as simple as we possibly can while still protecting your rights and best interests. We believe that good technology goes a long way in helping our borrowers save time and energy but we also believe that our team of mortgage experts who have closed thousands of loans and helped thousands of borrowers can never be replaced by technology alone. On the one hand, we believe that providing customers with a secure portal for entering in their credit card information makes a lot of sense and most customers have experience shopping online and are very familiar with this type of technology. On the other hand, most borrowers are not accustomed to reviewing lots of regulatory disclosures required by local and federal governments (this is that consumer protection we mentioned earlier) so while we will provide you the ability to manage much of your loan process online we are here and expect to assist you in unfamiliar territory. Some companies may pitch their “do your own mortgage” technology. We don’t really get it — we have a team of experts who have spent their careers learning how to do this fast and efficiently and enjoy helping people buy the home of their dreams or refinance to lower their payments or pay off debts. You could cut your own hair too but for most it is probably preferable to leave it to the professionals. We hope you try us out and let us know what you think. We will work together a little upfront and you will have some to-dos and we will have some as well. But for the most part you can sit back and relax and look forward to closing day.


Dustin DiMisa